Microsoft and Workplace
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Aligning organisations to new ways of working, facilitating change and adoption is essential to make the most of the digital strategy.


Documenting which systems and tools you currently use and for what purpose defining the business case and key metrics of success is key. We follow a methodology proven to deliver success for our clients: Define, Assess, Design, Implement and Embed.

One Digital Workspace

Provide your people with experiences that matter with a Microsoft 365 SharePoint intranet, which integrates with Workplace.

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Connect by Azuronaut

Connect by Azuronaut keeps your accounts up-to-date, integrating with HR platforms with or without company email.

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Digital Strategy

Unleash the potential of your existing internal digital tools, deploy new tools and devise and implement a successful digital strategy.

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SharePoint and Meta

Bring together the Microsoft Suite and Workplace from Meta to deliver a unified and simplified experience for your people.

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Teams and Workplace

Effective collaboration with company-wide comms and engagement through Workplace; and knowledge management with Teams.

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Cross-platform Bots and search

Streamline and simplify your workday with Bots, and access your documents quickly and easily with powerful search.

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Workplace and SharePoint at Plan

“Plan needed the social flexibility of Workplace but they also had a strong need for knowledge management. So Planet – the intranet – provides them with the best of both worlds.”

Staying connected in Furlough

“New starters, and leavers are added to Workplace groups through Connect by Azuronaut, integrated with our HR platform, Fourth”

Using Connect to prepare UK launch

“All the details are correct and consistent, as it all runs through Connect, so obviously Azuronaut and Connect were a natural choice.”

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