Connecting the hospitality sector

Keeping everyone together and part of a company culture is important,
especially when many organisations in hospitality have a distributed, frontline workforce.

Understanding how the hospitality industry works, and how best to connect them is something we have at Azuronaut. As a trusted Workplace from Facebook partner, we have supported key names in UK hospitality – Bistrot Pierre, Honest Burgers, Boston Tea Party and many more – as they look to connect and empower their people.

The case studies we’ve highlighted here demonstrate the importance of connecting your leadership to their teams, ensuring Head Office understands the dynamic frontline. We also focus on our product Connect by Azuronaut, and how it keeps accounts up to date 24/7. We’ve seen the industry undergo some of the most rapid and far-reaching changes with the impact of Covid-19 but we’ve ensured teams stay connected, even when apart; and most importantly that their company culture is front and centre, now more than ever.

Connect your leadership to the frontline.

It’s important in the ever-moving world of hospitality for leadership to have an instant connection with their team, no matter where they are.

Making a move away from key information being passed on by a general manager, and to a more streamlined approach to communications has been a key step for our hospitality clients.

At Boston Tea Party, they wanted to connect over 600 employees without an email address across 23 cafes. Polly Akielan explains, “As a head office, we wanted to give people an equal share of voice whether that was over suggested improvements, menu ideas or team benefits.

Using Workplace from Facebook, a big benefit is that directors can see people’s responses to the items they post. This has promoted proper two-way conversations between the frontline and leadership – there is an immediate reaction to things now.”

Peace of mind with automatic account updates.

Connect by Azuronaut allows your people to be automatically synced from their HR platform to Workplace from Facebook. People can self serve their Workplace accounts from seamless access to password resets, made possible by another Azuronaut solution, the Activation Portal.

Polly says: We worked with Azuronaut and Workplace from Facebook to provide answers to the technical challenges we had. Connect by Azuronaut was a solution that allowed all of our people to be automatically synced with Fourth, our HR platform.

By doing this, we can create, update and deactivate Workplace accounts automatically – without requiring what would have been more work for our head office team.

Matthias Vanhollebeke, Azuronaut Head of Architecture says “Connect provides automated account management for your frontline workers, bringing the whole business together. Onboarding, offboarding and everything in between is taken care of seamlessly, reducing the pressure on your HR and IT teams.

Automatic group management means they are part of the communities that matter to them most. A whole platform to communicate, collaborate and inspire is opened up to your frontline, and our HR integration means that information is consistent, 24/7″

Stay connected even when apart.

The UK hospitality sector stopped almost instantly as Covid-19 led to many teams being placed on furlough and premises shut. Workplace from Facebook has been vital to keeping people connected, even when apart.

At Honest Burgers, Daniel Davis tells us how important Workplace has been, “One of the most amazing things about the furlough is that all our staff engagement has grown organically so much further than anyone anticipated.”

“We’re very familiar with using Workplace video for keeping our people up to date, it’s something that everyone in our Exec Team has used to communicate with the team. Being on furlough, we’re now using video on a daily basis for live updates on an ever-changing situation.”

“People are creating new groups, sharing content all the time. What’s great is new starters, and leavers are added to these Workplace groups through Connect by Azuronaut, which is integrated with our HR platform, Fourth.”

Ensure your culture lives and breathes.

Good culture is at the heart of hospitality. We’ve seen many of our clients’ culture thrive as their teams are brought on to Workplace from Facebook.

At Bistrot Pierre, Jane Rawden explains how their culture is front and centre on Workplace. “Workplace is a personal way of communicating for our teams, and it means that as soon as we open our restaurant doors again, Workplace will already be embedded into our culture. For now it is providing a place for people to voluntarily stay connected, to support them with their health and wellbeing and just to enable us all to share how we are feeling and what we are thinking.”

“In terms of our GMs, we have had some great engagement. Our GM at Mumbles for example has been running a competition for the best TikTok video from his team. Keeping ‘our family together and our sense of community’ is key in preparation for when we reopen.”

“The impact of Workplace at Bistrot Pierre has been enormous. It has been a game-changer for employee engagement, allowing frontline employees across dozens of locations to become part of, and connect with, the wider Bistrot Pierre family whilst on furlough.

Now that Bistrot Pierre is planning to re-open its restaurants and re-deploy staff, Workplace has become a critical tool to gauge employee readiness to return to work (through the Survey function) and disseminate critical information related to returning back to work.”


Samira Khalifa
Head of Client Partnerships

“As we’ve all had to find a ‘new normal’, organizations with a focus on hospitality have had to upend their business models and find ways to collaborate with outside providers and vendors as well as their internal teams.

Workplace’s mission is to empower these organizations, especially frontline, deskless employees, by creating an opportunity to collaborate and remain connected through a time when their physical workplace has been drastically altered.”

Ernesto Tey
Global Director of Workplace Ecosystems and Partnerships
Workplace from Facebook

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