Connecting the Coral team across Greece with Workplace from Meta

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Coral is a leader in the Greek fuel market, and has operated across the country since 1926. With over 700+ sites across the country, it is a hugely recognised brand for business and consumers alike.

The team had been using a tool to connect and communicate with their colleagues. However, they sought a more flexible, clear and exciting tool to take their company communication to the next level.

Coral had previous experience with Workplace from Meta, having piloted the solution previously. They knew that Workplace was the solution that would provide their entire team with the results they wanted in 2020 and beyond.

Workplace would bring together their people, whether they worked in the Athens’ Head Office, or across the country in one of the many retail sites.

A plan was put in place to launch Workplace to coincide with Customer Service Week, an annual week long festival celebrating the consumer.


Working with Azuronaut, Coral began a project which aimed to:
• Make day-to-day communications easier and more exciting for their team
• Provide a place to recognise colleagues for their hard work
• Provide easier access to Coral’s training resources
• Give their teams a central point for company news and campaigns

This would be an important change in the way Coral communicated. The impact of Covid-19 had meant it was more important than ever to ensure a quick, easy and seamless way to work with colleagues across the organisation; and everyone from the leadership team down anticipated the launch.

A strategy was created to ensure the launch of Workplace was a success. A communications plan was developed to build excitement both pre-launch and on launch day itself.


Coral launched Workplace across the organisation in October 2020 with a campaign called “Excellence in Customer Service”, coinciding with Customer Service Week.

Launch week was celebrated throughout their retail sites in a Covid-secure way with decorations and a real festive atmosphere amongst the team. Their campaign was hugely successful, with over 200 posts from employees celebrating excellence in customer service using the solution. Colleagues posted photos, and a competition was held for people who got the most likes on their posts.

In the first month since launch, 70% of the team had claimed their accounts, with 87% active weekly users, and over half of all users active daily on Workplace.

Territory Managers were also instrumental in promoting Workplace across Greece, introducing their colleagues to the power of regular news, marketing, sales, campaigns and company procedures.

Looking ahead to 2021 and beyond, Coral has big plans to embed Workplace as the ‘go-to’ place for company news, communications and training.

Their ‘Lets Meet Again’ campaign will allow colleagues across Greece to introduce themselves on Workplace through video, and will begin with the leadership team, who are great advocates.

Employee recognition will continue across Workplace in 2021, as will the introduction of more Groups for the retail sites. Learning and Development will also grow, with more channels dedicated to organisational training and resources.

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