Mesh by Azuronaut

Intelligent User and Group Management for Workplace

Automate Administration in Workplace

Mesh deals with user on-boarding and off-boarding quickly and securely. It enables users to self-serve and weaves together accounts and groups automatically based on rules that you control, taking the stress out of administration.

Connect the

Email-less activation allows you to connect every single person in your organisation with Workplace. Even those who don't have a corporate email address can self-serve.

Populate Groups Intelligently.

With our rule-based engine you can make sure that joiners receive instant access to Workplace and leavers access is revoked on exit. If employees move location or job roles, group memberships are updated automatically.

More Automation. Less Duplication.

Maintain one source of truth by pointing to multiple Active Directories and data sources such as custom SQL databases, LDAP solutions or HR systems.

Driving for success


How we get you up and running


We work with you to understand your Workplace users and groups, and identify the rules that will power your Mesh instance.


We point Mesh at your environment, load your configuration and validate the installattion.


We press play and let Mesh do the hard work. Powerful reporting and monitoring let's you keep an eye on what's happening.

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